Opening Hours: Throughout


About Us

Our Motto: We Listen, We Care

Vision: A world class patient-centred specialized care hospital

Mission: To optimize patient experience through innovative, evidence based specialized healthcare; facilitate training and research; and participate in national health policy formulation

Strategic Destination
A multi-specialty centre of excellence offering services that meet international certification standards

Strategic Objectives

  • Optimize customer experience

  • Enhance service delivery

  • Promote and expand services

  • Improve financial performance

  • Improve resource mobilization

  • Improve partnering

  • Enhance risk management

  • Enhance clinical governance

  • Enhance research and innovation

  • Improve performance culture

  • Improve automation

  • Enhance human resource capacity

  • Improve infrastructure and equipment

Core Values

  • Customer focus

  • Accountability

  • Equity and Equality

  • Professionalism and Integrity

  • Security and Safety

  • Teamwork and Team Spirit