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Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) is the only public hospital with comprehensive cancer treatment facilities.


Radiotherapy Machine

Radiotherapy Machine

123 people in Kenya are diagnosed with cancer each day. Cancer patients travel from all corners of the country, some from as far as 800 km away, to access this treatment in KNH. A recent survey was conducted by KNH in partnership with American Cancer Society on more than 400 cancer patients receiving cancer treatment. The survey data showed that 29% of patients had missed or delayed treatment and indicated the most significant barriers to care as:

  • Money to pay for treatment
  • Money to pay for transportation to treatment
  • Accommodations once in Nairobi


Patients Sleeping on Corridor

Cancer Patients Sleeping on the Corridor

Removing or reducing these barriers to care will allow more patients to access and complete necessary treatment ultimately improving the outcome of cancer treatment in KNH.

The Hope Hostel

These findings inspired the idea of a 'Hope Hostel' that would accommodate cancer patients as they undergo treatment. The Hope Hostel has been designed as a three (3) storey building to cater for both genders as well as children, palliative care unit for cancer patients and family member counselling, pharmacy, cancer resource centre, cafeteria and a conference centre.


KNH Hope Hostel

KNH Hope Hostel

  • The Hostel will be locatedin the new KNH Cancer Centre.
  • It will provide accommodation for 62 KNH patients undergoing outpatient treatment
  • It will have a day respite area for other cancer patients who may need to refresh themselves
  • It will have a Cancer Resource Center in which patients and caregivers may get information about their disease/receive support.
  • It will also house the KNH Pain and Palliative Care Unit.
  • It will include components that are revenue generating so that patients can get treatment without the extra financial burden of having to pay for accommodation.


How much will it cost?

DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION Ksh. 194,350,000
OPERATING COSTS (2 Years)* Ksh. 24,150,000
ADDITIONAL COSTS Ksh. 11,500,000
TOTAL KNH COSTS Ksh. 230,000,000
American Cancer Society Contribution Ksh. 50,000,000


How You Can Help?

You can contribute to the project using the MPESA Paybill 474444



For more information contact:

Kenyatta National Hospital

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