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Report Corruption

The Corruption Prevention Committee (CPC) gathers information on corruption occurring in Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) from a variety of sources. These sources include Members of staff, Heads of Departments, Students, Suppliers and Members of the public.

Information can be provided to CPC in writing, by telephone or by presenting it personally to the CPC officeopposite cash point 14 near the National Bank entrance or through corruption prevention boxes across the hospital.


The CPC contact details are:

TEL.2726300/2726450/2726550 Extension 43037 or

Mobile No. 0702498808 or

CPC Secretariat

P.O BOX 20723- 00202 NAIROBI


What happens to information I provide?

All complaints and reports received by CPC undergo a rigorous process of analysis. In considering how a report is handled and eventually disposed of, the CPC is guided by the Public Officers Ethics act (2003); Leadership and Integrity Act(LIA  2012); KNH Anti-Corruption policy, KNH code of conduct and KNH  terms and conditions of service

Reports which are found to fall under the CPC jurisdiction shall be analyzed and administrative action taken or CPC may decide to undertake education or preventive action.

Reports which disclose offences which do not fall under the CPC mandate, as stipulated under the Public Officers Ethics act (2003); Leadership and Integrity Act(LIA  2012); KNH Anti-Corruption policy, KNH code of conduct, are referred to the appropriate Departments for action. However, the CPC makes follow ups to ensure that action is taken on these reports.


In order to protect you as a whistle blower, Kenyatta National Hospital has created a link for anonymous reporting of corruption activity within its precincts. Information received is handled in strict confidence.